On-site facilities

Welcome to Sadasuke, a relaxing inn in Kasumi.

Our inn is located in Kasumi, an area along the San’in coastline that is famous for crab. We are a historic site that was founded in 1972. In November of 1993, we converted the hotel from a two-story wooden structure to one with four stories. This is not a showy or luxurious inn, but one in which the thoroughgoing hospitality and attention to detail of the proprietors can be found throughout.


The decorative noren hanging curtains in the foyer are an original design of our own, and they change with each season.


The lobby is one of our most special areas. The entrance is decorated with the work of Eriko Horiki, a modern washi paper artist.

Ekura restaurant

Ekura is our dining destination in which meals are served at your table in a seated style.

*While Ekura can be reserved for private use by large parties, we generally do not offer private dining for smaller groups.  Your meal will be shared with other guests of the restaurant.
*The name takes the French word “éclat,” meaning brilliance, and applies Japanese characters to it.

Umitsubaki restaurant

Umitsubaki offers fully partitioned private dining spaces for all guests. The sliding doors are accompanied by subtle lighting accents, creating a wonderful aesthetic.

Banquet hall

Our banquet hall is equipped to serve large groups or parties. Parts of the hall can also be partitioned off for different numbers of guests.

Gift shop

Our gift shop sells a range of locally-produced souvenirs. The small, curated selection of items brings you the best of the region.

The proprietress’s favorites

The proprietress of the inn loves classic antiques. Throughout our guest rooms, you will find little decorative touches, and the tableware we use for meals also draws from her sensibilities. We hope this brings a touch of class to your stay.


We offer a range of free services you can make use of to better enjoy your stay.
Loaner aroma pots for use in-room
Available from check-in time to 9:00 PM
Coffee service (self-serve)
Available after breakfast, from 8:30 AM-10:00 PM
Massage chairs
Free WiFi
Laundry service (during summer swimming season)
These and other services are available free of charge.
We encourage you to avail yourself of them.