Welcome to Sadasuke! This is the place to enjoy all that Kasumi, a special port town, has to offer.

Landlord Hiroyuki Matsushita

For several generations, we have been going to the fish market to buy seafood at auction. Our own experienced brokers select the best crab and seafood for our customers. The Sadasuke family has for many long years been engaged in farming. Today, our hotel staff take part in helping us grow Koshihikari rice, Shinko pears, Jiro persimmons, and other items on site. We select our seafood straight from the market using our own two eyes. We then bring together the local seafood with our own produce to create unique meals for our guests. We believe this is the true way an inn ought to be, and we remain committed to providing safe and healthy meals to all. Our goal is for your stay at Sadasuke to be a memorable and enchanting one.

Landlady Kiyomi Matsushita

Being a native of Kasumi, I am keenly aware of the unique way in which the local ocean, wind, mountains, fields, air, and light all intermingle each season to create unique and spectacular views. Spring brings us rape blossoms and cherry blossoms along the sparkling banks of the Yada River, with trains chugging past. It is in this season that fish begin being caught in trawl nets, with a range of seafood available. Summer brings a clear blue sky and ocean. Our directly-operated point of sale, KAN-ICHI, offers breathtaking views of the outside. There you can savor unusual squid sashimi served whole and Iwagaki oysters. In fall, local rice and persimmon crops are picked, and the mountains are colored with foliage. Kasumi is home to unique local ingredients like Kasumi crab and golden crab, which are available even before the usual winter season. Beginning in winter and lasting through March is snow crab season. The town also gets into a dynamic mood at this time of year. By the time the first snow falls, the crab is simply delicious. The sky and ocean take on an overcast color, and the seas become fierce. Winter along the Sea of Japan and in San’in is unique intense. Each season has a unique face to offer. There is always something new and different to take us out of the busy everyday and cause us to reflect on nature’s majesty. We invite you to Kasumi, where the fresh local produce, cuisine that is as delicious to look at as it is to eat, and the lovely vistas of the region, have much to offer.

The Sadasuke way

Enjoy gentle refinement at Sadasuke

Our inn is uniquely located in Kasumi, an area blessed with a local mountain and ocean climate. We select only the best ingredients that our patrons love.

Safe, high-quality ingredients of the highest standard

We procure local seafood at auction at the port and farm our own produce, using these in our cuisine.

Seasonal meal plans

We source ingredients locally from the Sea of Japan and vary the menu seasonally. We also produce home-grown vegetables. Enjoy our carefully-curated meals featuring the freshest of ingredients.

Hospitality that puts you at ease

The menu changes daily and is written with care by hand by the proprietress.

Ekura restaurant

In addition to a banquet space where meals are served in the traditional Japanese style at low lap tables, we also offer a restaurant where you can dine in a seated position at a table.

Kasumi Onsen, a natural hot springs

The hot springs offers men’s and women’s baths and outdoor tubs, allowing you to warm up and relax. Relax and unwind at the natural Kasumi Onsen springs.

Private tubs for families and couples

We offer tubs for reservation that you can use exclusively as a family or couple. Our cypress bath offers a unique, aromatic experience.

Our special guest room is the ultimate in refinement.

Within the room is an aromatic pine bathtub. Make this your very own, private space and rest your cares away.

Creative use of Japanese paper and light

The lobby is one of our most special areas. The entrance is decorated with the work of Eriko Horiki, a modern washi paper artist.

Kasumi, a fishing town

Kasumi is a historic town that has developed in tandem with two fishing ports. It is home to a wide range of nature found in the San’in Kaigan Geopark area.